Miniatures for sale!

If you're interested, send me an email about pricing, more photos or anything ;)
Sculptures with reproduction rights:

 1/10 scale

 1/10 scale

 1/12 scale

 1/35 scale

Painted Miniatures

1/10, Mr Lee's Minis
1/10, Figone
1/10, boxart for Elan13 Miniatures

1/10 scale, boxart for BadSquiddoGames

 1/10 scale, boxart for SK miniatures

 1/10 scale

 28mm scale (large figure), boxart for DarkArt Studios

 28mm scale, large figure

1/72 scale

Scarab Knight - Kabuki Models

Box Art for Kabuki Models

Leona Lobo - Kabuki Models, 54mm

Box Art for Kabuki Models, 54mm

Dwarf Wild Hunter bust

Manufacturer: Udock
Scale: who knows? It's big ;)

Wolf Rider

For sale, with reproduction rights!